The Dukes of Data are a group of highly experienced IT pros in regards of processing data to gain insights and delivering business reports. Located in Vienna, Austria we operate worldwide with our platform for esports players improving their skills. We are dukes of data, not the kings or queens - we don’t own the data we work with. We help data owners to get insights and analysis they won’t have so far. The abbreviation DoD also means “definition of done” in IT context. We are committed to finish the projects we start in a fast pace by iterating and prototyping. We are committed to enable our customers to go ahead without any further help.
Data Architecture
Insights & Analytics


Our first project: an esports analytics platform. Have a first look and test the alpha version now.


In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in the following areas:
Data structure
Everyone is talking "big data" and "artificial intelligence". But you already do have a bunch of data within your company. We help you to reorganize and get the best reports and insights without big expenses.
Analytics and insights
Want to get more out of your data?
Let's do it together in a workshop, defining use cases and work out solutions for data-based decisions.
Do you need some help for your next steps?
We help you to find the best solution for handling your data, process them and set sail to bright data future.

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